Micro Fiber Insole Cushion Slipper

Dhs. 39.00

Material OR Fabric
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Made of - warm micro fiber material and with good cushion insole, this is - comfortable slipper to wear at home - Suede cloth is used for the bottom of the slippers. No anti-slip processing. Please note that it may slip depending on the condition of the floor. - Avoid using on - rough surface such as - concrete surface, as it tends to wear out. - Machine washable. Please put in the main body and sink it before washing. - In the case of powder detergent, if it remains undissolved, it may cause stains, so please dissolve it well before washing. Please rinse thoroughly. - Adjust the shape and dry as soon as possible. Please avoid tumble drying. - Please be sure to use the laundry net. If it is washed as it is, it may pop out of the washing tub during washing. - Dark-colored products may transfer color due to friction during use. In particular, please note that the color may stain when used in - wet condition with sweat or moisture. - When washing or cleaning, the color may fade or stain. Please wash separately from other items. - Do not use in slippery places such as bathrooms and balconies.