Cotton Basket Weave Eva Sole Slipper

Dhs. 39.00

Raw White
Material OR Fabric
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Slippers made of basket weave fabric. There is no hassle when wearing because these slippers can be worn on both legs interchangeably (there is no left and right); - Do not use in slippery places such as bathrooms and balconies. - Machine washable. Please put in the main body and sink it before washing. - In the case of powder detergent, if it remains undissolved, it may cause stains, so please dissolve it well before washing. Please rinse thoroughly. - Adjust the shape and dry as soon as possible. Please avoid tumble drying. - Dark-colored products may transfer color due to friction during use. In particular, please note that the color may stain when used in - wet condition with sweat or moisture. - When washing or cleaning, the color may fade or stain. Please wash separately from other items. - Due to the characteristics of the material, fluff may occur due to friction during use or washing, and pills may be generated, which may fall off or adhere to other objects. When washing, use - littering net and wash separately from other items. - Please be sure to use the laundry net. If it is washed as it is, it may pop out of the washing tub during washing. - Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, fragments of the raw material plant are mixed. - Since the produced products are not dyed, there may be some color differences depending on the product, and they will gradually become whitish due to washing and cleaning. Also, be careful when washing and storing as it is susceptible to discoloration under the influence of light. - Do not use detergent with optical brightener for light-colored products.