Indian Cotton Room Sandals Thong Type

Dhs. 39.00

Raw White
Material OR Fabric
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Indian artisans sew the braids together and make each one by hand. If you wear bare feet, you can enjoy the comfort of walking on - smooth rug. Also, you can wash it at home if you put it on the net so that you can wear it clean at any time. Warning: The back is not anti-slip. Please note that it may slip depending on the condition of the floor. - Please be sure to use the laundry net. If it is washed as it is, it may pop out of the washing tub during washing. - In the case of produced products, due to the characteristics of the material, it may become spotted if it gets partially wet at the beginning of use. This stain will be gradually thinned by repeated washing. - Avoid using on - rough surface such as - concrete surface, as it tends to wear out. - Machine washable. It shrinks slightly by washing. It may cause stains. Rinse thoroughly.- Dark-colored products may transfer color due to friction during use. In particular, please note that the color may stain when used in - wet condition with sweat or moisture. - When washing or cleaning, the color may fade or stain. Please wash separately from other items. - Do not use detergent with optical brightener for light-colored products.