French Linen Jacket

Dhs. 350.00

Raw White
Material OR Fabric
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French Linen Jacket. Hemp is said to be a durable fiber among natural materials. It was nurtured in a natural environment with a large temperature difference between day and night and moderate humidity. Strong and supple hemp is born because it is cultivated in a cold region. Please enjoy the process of the Jacket changing to a softer and deeper texture with use.
- Dark-colored products may cause color transfer due to friction during use or contact when wet. Please wash separately from other items when washing. - The produced product contains debris from the raw material plant. Since it is not dyed, there may be some color differences depending on the product, and it will gradually become whitish after washing and cleaning. Also, be careful when washing and storing as it is susceptible to discoloration under the influence of light. - Do not use detergent with optical brightener for light-colored products.