Incense Stand

Dhs. 5.00

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Porcelain incense holder, round shape, 1 cone / stick
? How to use: ? Please use on a pottery or metal container large enough to receive incense ash. ? When using a cone type, place the incense stand with the uneven surface facing up and put the incense on top. -When using the stick type, place the incense stick with the uneven surface down, and insert the incense into the hole.;Dimensions: H7x;W5x;L0.6cms;? For MUJI incense only. Do not use other sizes of incense, such as those of other companies. ? Because it may cause the incense to disappear, make sure that the incense sticks do not accumulate. ? Do not drop or give an impact to prevent damage. ? Please do not use incense stand for purposes other than. ? Use and store out of reach of children.