Loose Powder Brush

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1 loose powder brush A loose powder brush that can be stored in the MUJI makeup palette. ? Do not wet the handle as much as possible. ? Because the brush wears out quickly, be careful not to wash it too much. ? When drying, hang the brush part down or lay it on the tissue sideways. ? This product has the smell of polyester fiber.;Dimensions: H0.7x;W4.1x;L6.7cms; Spread the tissue on a flat surface and wipe with a brush. Put lukewarm water on balls and add a small amount of neutral detergent for clothing (such as fashionable washing). Remove dirt so that it can be loosened by soaking about two-thirds of the brush tip. When doing so, be careful not to wet the base of the brush. After rinsing and detergent, drain with a tissue, etc., shape and dry until well dried. Please note that insufficient drying may cause the propagation of various bacteria.