Natural Oak Table / Oval

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Solid wood table, oval, oak, width 150 cm, width 150 x depth 85 x height 72 cm. It is a table using strong solid wood. Product weight: Approximately 31 kg Load capacity Top plate: Approximately 30 kg;Dimensions: H13x;W192.5x;L101.5cms;Please read before purchasing
Features of natural wood furniture
Natural wood differs from plywood in that it has various expressions, such as grain, knots, colors, etc., which are unique to natural trees grown over a long period of time. Furniture made of MUJI's natural wood is made using the natural wood texture.
When purchasing natural wood furniture, wood grain cannot be specified. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to individual differences between products, so please understand.
In addition, natural wood is a material that is easily deformed and discolored due to extreme humidity and drying. If you keep it wet or put a hot thing for a long time, it may warp or peel off, causing discoloration.